Coming Home…

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Travelling has always been one of my passions.  My recent schedule has me travelling from place to place, and I am now living a dream. Every new place has a story to tell, a secret to share, and a memory to be made. But there is still no place like home.






Because of my schedule, I will now be giving priority to those subs who have served me before. It’s really comforting to know that I still have the support of those who have been walking this BDSM journey with me. Not forgetting of course, I miss the feeling of being worshiped by my subs. Your cute little faces when I say no, and your pathetic pleas for mercy when you are punished. And nothing beats the sexy look of a grown man bound in ropes, helpless, as my personal little toy.








I do regret when I miss the opportunity to meet up with subs who are genuine and sincere. To make it easier to schedule sessions, I am going to post up my schedule when I will be home. For this October, I will be home from (20th to 28th). Session appointments during this date period will be given priority. I am looking forward to my next session. Will that be you?


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Double Domming Double Humiliation

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Mike, how is it being stared by 1 lady and another lady behind you teasing your back?

Feel ticklish? But you cannot show as there’s one pair of sharp eyes watching you, always ready to put the red hot paddle right at your face.

Enjoyment of a double domming session comes from the squirming of the subs, his pleading eyes and shared laughter between me and Luna.



You kneel and we smiled. Smiling at your utmost submission. You have no choice but to submit and we loved you being helpless to our hands. Feels like a ball being threw around between 2 domme? Yes, you will be our toy for us and your job is to make us smile. Have you?

Let’s see how this ball is thrown between us and tell me, do you want to be there?



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Dominatrix photoshoot: My way of expressing my fetishes

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Do you love photos as much as I do? Expressing my kinks through images, stimulating visual senses. Lately got ourselves a professional photographer to help us out recording our fetishes with a camera. Using Redmoon as a studio both me and Mistress Luna spent 8hrs  skipping meals just to get the right feel for this album. Well it is still in the process of makings. When its ready maybe we will show it to our subs.


Garters and undies, isn’t it the perfect match? I like my thighs to be shown and subs looking right at it ending with a slap and a command of “do not look”. Still allowing them to peek so i can keep torturing them. High and dry, it leaves me tingling inside  and fill me with the taste of arrogance that lift my mood. This set of photos are says a lot about me, at least for now.



I will need more fetish wears, those that matches how i feel. Leather wear soon? Maybe, maybe.




This photo is from a session where Sub Lioncub requested it to be taken and shared. Foot worship and precum stimulation & forced bondage. With all the pre cum leaking on my my floor,he is forced to lick it up bit by bit, seeing how he taste his own liquid make me smirks. I like what i saw.

I consider it a light play session  and he promise me he will come back to stretch his limits and walk the journey with me. I am touched but not with a smile but a flogger on my hands.Lets see how well he will fare the next time we meet.

Okay lets end the words here, for those subs who are looking to have a session with me please refer to the following detail

Subs please take note that now i am back full time for sessions.   My timing for sessions now are

Weekdays:12pm onwards

weekend : flexible

Require: one day advance of booking & deposit required


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