Lesson 1: Looking Forward

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they meet someone special, a relative, a friend, a colleague, a passer by. You don’t have to love that person, but in some way, that person has made an impact in your life. Most times, this person will teach you something worth keeping in mind as you walk through the ups and downs of life, or something to keep you going even when you’re just too tired.

I’ve had the privilege to meet several special someones. And one of the many lessons I’ve learnt is to live a life worth living. Everyone aspires to do something. As a profession, as a parent, as a lover, or just pleasure seeking. What makes your life worth living may not apply to someone else. This was something that I constantly struggled with in the past. I was never fulfilled by what I was doing. Something always seemed missing, but I was too afraid of failing to take the chance of making a change.


She wasn’t always close, but once we talked, we clicked. Confident, that’s how I would describe her. And after getting to know her more, I asked “How do you do it?”. To her, things were simple. You have this one chance to live. One chance to try. Is it terrifying to try? Yes. But the fear of never trying is greater than the fear of failing because, “The only impossibility is when you don’t even try.”

For me, the word is “TRY”; that’s a word that speaks about hope, about possibilities, about chances. Her message to me was a life changer. She was right. The only impossibility is when you don’t even try. Can I say that every attempt will be great? Surely not. But you know, the fun lies in trying. Now, I’m always looking forward.


*Note: I will be visiting Singapore again this April. I’m so excited and I have missed Singapore so much. My trip will last 3 days starting from the 1st to the 3rd of April and I will be taking sessions during this period. Do check the session schedule page for time slots and remember to book your appointment fast. I’m looking forward to see you again…

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Moving to KL

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This is going to be a major update from me. After travelling back and forth from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur over the last 2 months, I have decided to settle down for sessions proper here in KL. I am going to miss Singapore, especially since Singapore is where my journey started. To the subs who taught me (you know who you are), thank you really from my heart. To the subs who I will meet, I’m looking forward to be able to start this journey with you. For everyone in Singapore, don’t worry, I’ll still be coming back every month. This February, I will be spending my pre Chinese New Year with my dear subs from the 13th to the 15th so book your sessions early as my slots will  fill up fast.

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about how time flies and how I really need to appreciate every second. In the blink of an eye, 2 months has passed. With the help of good friends, amidst laughs and teats, a new chapter of my life has started, and closed; and now, yet another new chapter begins. Deciding to move to KL is going to be a big step in helping me grow further as a professional domme. A new culture, a new environment and definitely new challenges, but this journey is definitely not over for me yet. It is my hope that this will inspire some of you who are afraid to take that first step out, that you are not alone. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back, because time will not come back around for you and I am going to keep moving forward. Are you coming along?


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Miss Me? (Updated 07/01/2015)

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If you have missed me as much as I’ve missed you, then you probably haven’t been coming for sessions enough. Naughty naughty…

Mistress Scarlett BDSM

Mistress Scarlett BDSM

My 2014 has definitely been an exciting one. Setting up a new play studio in KL with Mistress Luna means that I’ve been kept on my toes preparing for everything. But I have to admit that it is all rewarding when I get to finally see you kneeling in front of me, a gag in your mouth, silently begging with your eyes for release from my bondage.

My sessions in my new play studio have been the best Christmas present yet. But 2015 is here and I’m more excited with what else I can do now. A new year, a new start, and all new session plays. Fantasy role play anyone?

For the new month of the year, I have decided to dedicate it to KL. I will be stationing myself in KL for the whole month of January. But don’t worry if you are in Singapore, I’m sure Mistress Luna will take good care of you. And it’s not like I won’t get to see in February right?

Don’t be shy. I won’t bite. Hard.


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